After several thousand years of furniture history, it's about time for a fresh start. Time for something radically different.

LIOGY Facedown Furniture is a powerful source of inspiration while reading, drawing, planning, thinking, relaxing…

…by combining logical function and aesthetic design with subtle artistic glamour.

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LIOGY Lounger: Discover a completely new concept of lounging furniture full of dynamic grace and balanced proportions.

Designed for those who love the extraordinary.

A new position is changing the world. Uncover the present. Create the future.

Lifestyle benefits


LIOGY doubles the fun of reading and makes any work a light, pleasant endeavor.

LIOGY achieves the perfect balance on the normal, one-sided sitting position and produces a healthy, relaxed, and simultaneously activating posture.

LIFESTYLE BENEFITS 2: Original design

LIOGY Lounger boast perfectly balanced proportions, unsurpassed craftsmanship, uncompromising quality, and superior materials.

Each LIOGY Lounger comes with a certificate of authenticity to ensure you acquire the original and not a mere, worthless imitation.

All LIOGY designs are protected by design patents in countries on several continents.

LIFESTYLE BENEFITS 3: Creative energy

LIOGY introduces an entirely new and exceptionally relaxing posture while reading, working, or thinking. This necessarily leads to unimaginable creativity and boundless new ideas and inspiration.

LIOGY is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and adds hitherto unseen work and relaxation positions to your lifestyle.


Please note that LIOGY products are available exclusively through authorized dealers / interior designers. LIOGY does not sell over the Internet or through online shops.

It is only through our authorized interior designers that we can guarantee the authenticity, quality, and customer service for our products.

LIOGY has no relationships with any dealers outside of its network of authorized dealers or with online stores!

For information on the closest LIOGY's authorized dealer / interior designer, please send us a short e-mail including your country and home address to:

We will provide a prompt response with the required information.

LIOGY's representatives are constantly expanding our authorized dealer network.

Please note that due to the different import regulations certain products may not be available in all countries.


“This fascinating furniture is designed by the brand Liogy…The design will allow users to truly relax and will be especially handy for lounge liers and sofa sleepers alike. This product is the ergonomic and civilized solution to all of your furniture needs, however, this may require users to be more particular when choosing to share a seat on the couch. The Liogy design will take the edge off any stressful day, as it sweeps you off your feet and onto your stomach for maximum comfort. One of the main features with the product is that it solves the troubling issues for those who read or work on their sofa, allowing for the perfect mix of relaxation and recreation”.


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CERTIFICATES - International Trademarks and Design Patents (SELECTION)

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